Dining in Makati City and The Urban Food Scene

Makati—The Gastronomic Epicenter of Metro Manila

While Pampanga is widely regarded as the culinary capital of the entire Philippines with its revered Kapampangan dishes, Makati is considered to be the gastronomic epicenter for those who live a little closer to the metropolis. Although Pampanga gets heavy bragging rights for their creation of what truly authentic Kapampangan Filipino food dishes should be like (after all, the province is called the culinary capital for good reason), Makati gets a little more in terms of food diversity. If there is anything the array of restaurants in Makati would prove, it is the fact that their diners can expect something a little more than the conventional with their offers. Furthermore, it is the known common ground for urban dwellers with a penchant for all things food and epicurean.

After all, some of the best restaurants in Makati might capitalize on their food but would complement your meals with a unique ambiance that makes the dining experience all the more authentic. In this regard, you can expect most of the restaurants in Makati to deliver a little something different in terms of an epicurean experience.

Restaurants in Makati—The Culinary Counterpart of New York Dining Options

If the United States has New York as the epitome of gourmet dining options, the Philippines has Makati as a counterpart. No doubt the restaurants in Makati are some of the most diverse you will ever find in the Philippines insomuch that you get an entirely different gastronomic experience from one restaurant to the other. After all, as the financial hub of the Philippines and as one of the most progressive cities in the country, you can only reasonably expect its residents to be always on the go.

Consequently, it is the city that never sleeps with people always looking for something to do and likewise—something to eat. With this in mind, one can reasonably expect the streets and avenues to be peppered with dining places that make the restaurant scene so vibrant and alive. More importantly, apart from having regular new restaurants in Makati popping up, you can also expect some of the best restaurants to be in Makati.

Limitless Culinary Options with the Best Restaurants in Makati

It has been said that eating is largely a visceral experience insomuch that one does not need to complicate it. However, with the innovation of new culinary techniques and practices comes the consequent evolution of taste. Today, more and more individuals have developed a refined taste when it comes to food insomuch that eating is no longer scene as a necessary means for survival, but rather an experience to enjoy and savor. In this aspect alone, the slew of restaurants in Makati would be able to satisfy even the food enthusiast with the most discriminating taste. Indeed, the best restaurants in Makati are sure to deliver and satisfy any kind of diner—from the indulgent diner to the most critical food critic.

More importantly, regardless of what kind of diner you are, you can always expect to indulge your taste buds and satiate your hunger with the Makati food scene. After all, the best restaurants in Makati promise to deliver a world of flavor and food satisfaction to their diners.

Always Something Fresh to Offer with New Restaurants in Makati

To ensure that their diners are always offered fresh takes on culinary creations, the city stays on top of the gastronomic scene by continuously having new restaurants in Makati pop up every now and then. In this regard, residents and avid food enthusiasts can always expect something new from the city’s food scene as well as the restaurants in Makati. With the new restaurants in Makati, all of your food cravings, as well as epicurean pursuits, are answered.

A World of Food and Flavor at the Restaurants in Circuit Makati

Circuit Makati might not have been around for very long—in fact, it is one of the newest additions to the list of Makati’s best hangout spots. As Makati continues to set a pioneering standard in terms of entertainment, lifestyle, and business, it is only inevitable for the city to have a slew of the country’s most in demand and hip dining options. In this regard, one can expect to find an array of the country’s most excellent restaurants in Makati and some of them are situated in Circuit. Poised to become one of the city’s premier destinations, Circuit Makati promises visitors world-class entertainment and retail options. Incidentally, it also hosts some of the best restaurants in Makati—a feat that food enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs should not fail to miss. Individuals with a hankering for foreign food or local will have their cravings adequately met by the establishment with its array of restaurants. After all, Circuit is known to host new restaurants in Makati as well. So, if you are looking for some of the unique and best food finds in the metropolis, head on over to Circuit and sample for yourself some of the best restaurants in Makati. Here are just some of the few that are definitely worth the try:

Mudpie Heaven

A tribute to the owner’s mom 30-year old recipes, Mudpie Heave is a restaurant in Circuit Makati that delivers some of the best reinvented Filipino-American comfort food. Apart from that, the beloved restaurant also serves freshly baked pastries daily as well as decadently made desserts that would make you forget your diet. A crowd favorite of this relatively new restaurant in Makati is their signature Mud Pie ice cream cake—definitely, a must-try if you are ever in the area.

OnBoard Game + Gastro Pub

A good dining experience always comes with a little flair and panache on the side. In the case of this restaurant in Makati, it takes form in gaming entertainment masterfully integrated into food service that would altogether culminate into a uniquely tasteful dining experience. In fact, it has been dubbed as the very first restaurant in Makati with the board game and pub concept. Apart from featuring a full-service kitchen that serves inspired comfort food, craft beers, and cocktails, the restaurant also has a selection of over 600 board game titles that would suit all ages and preferences.

Backyard Kitchen + Brew 

This restaurant in Makati has an innovative take on food with its concept centered on the serving of food items from the farm-to-table bar and grill. The ingenious food and dining concept was the brainchild of Edward Bugia of Pino, The Burger Project and Pi Breakfast and Pies (who garnered culinary acclaim for those two restaurants). Backyard Kitchen + Brew promises to serve diners their favorite contemporary comfort food with a twist to further augment the dining experience. To complement their menu items, the restaurant features a wide selection of beverages as well as craft beers.

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island

Filipinos are known for their unique affinity for food as well as their notable hospitality. It is in this regard that we see meals taken together by a large group of people. Food would be shared and eaten together—regardless of the nature of the relationship of the diners—whether they may be strangers to each other or not. At least this is the case when it comes to military food feasts. To highlight this cultural tradition, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island serves a selection of “boodle” meal deals which feeds anywhere from three people to a lot more. In this regard, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island would be one of the best restaurants in Manila that is not only good for your appetites, but for most budgets as well. With 12 unique boodle food offerings, any kind of craving would be satisfactorily met—whether one would like to eat solely seafood or meat.

The Burgery

A highly popular restaurant as famous as its owner JC De Vera, this burger joint is best known and loved for their juicy and medium-done patties. Apart from that, this restaurant in Manila is also famous for their Basket of Bacon—a greasy and meaty delight indeed. Some of their must-try bestsellers are the Jimmy Bleu Eyes, Fat Tony and the Machine Gun.

Shabu Shabu Ichiban

For individuals with a hankering for all-you-can eat food, Shabu Shabu Ichiban is the best restaurant in Makati you can dine in. It is an eat-all-you-can hotpot dining experience that would offer diners an unlimited buffet spread of meat, fresh seafood and even King Crabs—a culinary fiesta for many. Other menu items such as Tempura, sushi and other menu food are available a la carte for individuals who are watching their food intake or would not to gorge themselves with food.

Something New in Circuit Makati

Circuit Makati is indeed becoming the top-of-mind foodie destination in the City That Makes It All Happen. And it’s no mystery, given the plethora of choices found in Circuit Lane, from Mexican tacos to Thai-blend coffee, from slow-torched panizza to juicy Texas BBQ ribs. And now, there’s more that awaits you. Make that four more new restaurants ready to be experienced in outdoor concept mall like no other!

Check out the following four restaurants that await your curious palates!

Macao Imperial Tea

Tired of the usual coffee shops? What if you prefer tea over coffee?

Macao Imperial Tea is a global chain store from Macau and their uniquely Asian flavors have hit our shores, with a lot of branches sprouting up in the country.

But don’t let the name fool you, for they serve an assortment of drinks besides tea–coffee, milk tea, soda, you name it. Don’t miss out on their signature Cream Cheese series, which is fast becoming a fan favourite amongst its habitués. (We at Circuit Makati recommend you try their Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong.)

Worth mentioning too are the Instagram-ready interiors replete with giant-size teddy bears and brick walls. Did we mention there are many sockets for plugging in your gadgets and the Wi-Fi is fast too? Make a beeline, folks. This will be your new favourite tambayan in Circuit Makati.

Oppa! Chicken

Believe in the tagline, “It’s very very good!” because well, it really is. If you’re a fan of Korean fried chicken such as Bon Chon or Makati’s very own Big Mama Korean restaurant (in Poblacion), then Oppa! Chicken is definitely up your alley.

It’s a Korean theme restaurant that serves six kinds of fried chicken, ranging from Snowing Cheese (crackling skin and cheese powder) to Yangnyum (dabbed in spicy-sweet and tangy sauce). For purists, we personally recommend the Original Fried Chicken, which has a herbed salt and pepper flavour.

For an authentic Korean dining experience, pair up the drumsticks with Tsingtao Premium Beer. As the Koreans say, “Mashike mogo! (Eat well!)”

Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill & Papaitan

Something homegrown in the streets of Bagtikan comes your way! It’s Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill & Papaitan. If your idea of a good time is Pale Pilsen and pulutan, then you will surely enjoy a night out with friends in this no-frills restaurant located on the ground floor of Circuit Lane.

No night would be complete without sampling their best-seller the Fried Tawilis.

All-American Pizza Burgers Beer

The most recent on this list to open their doors is All-American. While they are still on soft opening (as of this writing), expect the best of Western cuisine such as their brick-oven pizza.

On occasion, they host Sports Quiz Nights too, open to all and with prizes and giveaways to boot. If you’re looking unlimited fiber Wi-Fi in the area, this place is top choice.


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All images courtesy of Wincy Aquino Ong.

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