12 Instagrammable Spots In Circuit Makati

It goes without saying that Circuit Makati is one of the prettiest places in Makati, no small thanks to the wide open spaces, the stunning architectural details, and the riverside views. So much so, that photographers—budding and professionals alike—have gone on to take snapshots of the place and put it up on their Instagram feeds, their gorgeous posts getting a ton of likes and shares.


Now, we’re here to show you 10 of the most Instagrammable locations in the entertainment district of Makati, whether it’s for a selfie or for an artistic shot. 


*Before you take photos, please read Circuit Makati’s official guidelines for taking photos.  All photoshoots that require electrical equipment and props, and/or are for commercial use must all secure a permit from the head office.  


Santiago & Libertad Cua Park


It’s one big swathe of green where Circuit Makati patrons jog and do Zumba sessions, where children and fur-babies play, and on evenings, where lovers take some quiet time at its many signature benches. Take advantage of the riverside views, the beautiful statue of the children playing, and the iconic arch of the Globe Circuit Events Grounds stage and you’ll have a snapshot worth sharing to friends and family. (Take note,though: The grass area is off-limits.)


The Curved Benches


At Circuit Makati, almost is everything is on theme! Have your photo taken at the uniquely-shaped benches by the Santiago & Libertad Cua Park. If you’re quite the keen observer, you’ll notice their designs are synonymous to the iconic amphitheater and of course, Circuit Makati’s flowing and curvilinear aesthetics. And yes, at night, it’s become the city’s lover’s lane—a romantic spot where you and your loved one can enjoy the breeze. 


The Piano Steps


One of Circuit Makati’s fun pedestrian art projects, the Piano Steps is located at Santiago & Libertad Cua Park, a skip away from the Circuit Skate Park. Be creative in your poses, or maybe do that obligatory jump shot. The fun never stops!


Circuit Skate Park


If you’re into skateboarding, then you should definitely grab your GoPro camera and capture your slick moves at Circuit Skate Park—the country’s first concrete urban skate park, one that caters to both budding and professional skaters.

Circuit Blue Pitch


Where else in the Philippines do you have a blue-colored, FIFA-sized football field? Strut like a star athlete at the Circuit Blue Pitch and wow your friends with the epic-ness of your portrait. Did we mention that the sunsets here are spectacular too?


The Fountain Area


Use the time-lapse function on your camera, and you’ll come up with a wonderful shot that shows the play of water and light. Located right smack in the middle of Ayala Malls Circuit, fronting H&M, this area has been a favorite amongst parents who want to capture their kids’ moments at play. 


The Roofdeck*


Just an escalator ride up into the cinemas, and you’ll be in Circuit Makati’s beautiful roof deck patio—one that’s carpeted with green and one that overlooks the spectacular Makati skyline. Come sunset (or the “Magic Hour” in photography speak), the light is gorgeous, enough to make your photos pop up. And yes, this place has been a popular place for pre-nuptial shoots.* 


The Union Station Barber Mural


Go up one escalator flight from Black Canyon Coffee and you’ll be on the second floor. Find the giant orange mural with the face of the bearded hipster beside The Union Station Barber Mural. Aim for a wide shot to capture the entire mural and strike your best magazine fashion spread poses. 


Fun City’s Ball Pit


The kiddies will love this! Buy a ticket to Fun City, Ayala Mall Circuit’s premier kiddie play center, and have your kid dive into the ball pit filled with blue and white balls. The creative possibilities are endless, and if you get the perfect angle, you’d surely chalk up a lot of hearts on the ‘Gram. 


The Deck

The Deck is comprised of the events area, the series of steps and the pocket garden just beside Macau Imperial Tea, where most of Circuit Makati’s bazaars and acoustic concerts come alive. At night, when all the lights are on, this becomes Circuit Makati’s most romantic spots. A selfie with bae is a Circuit Makati must-do, and of course, you should have one on your own. 

Ayala Malls Circuit Cinemas


It’s a beautiful theater, all right! And what’s more, if you follow our Facebook and Instagram announcements, there are a lot of cosplayer and mascot appearances here and there. ( Yes, did you know that The Avengers and Pikachu passed by the movie theater a few weeks ago?) Oh, there are also a number of standees in the waiting area perfect for your Hollywood selfie. 




Located just outside Shopwise is one of the most Instagrammable bookstores in the city—Biblio! And yes, the store is pretty much selfie-friendly. The interiors are something straight out of the Harry Potter movies, replete with vintage books, typewriters, paper flowers, maps and globes, and many more! Show the Instagram world your inner bookworm and take a selfie at Biblio now. 


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