A Fitness Buff’s Guide To Circuit Makati

If you’re one whose passion lies in keeping the body fit, look no further than Makati’s premier entertainment district, Circuit Makati. While, yes, Circuit Makati is known for its world-class concert festivals and blackbox theater productions, it’s also a place in the city where fitness buffs can enjoy a good hour or so lost in exercise.

Whether you’re into jogging, football, skateboarding or simply having a nice walk by the riverside during sunrise, Circuit Makati has so many choices for you. So come on over and burn those calories!

Here are some things-to-do a fitness buffs can look forward to in Circuit Makati…

Jogging at Globe Circuit Events Grounds

Did you know that Circuit Makati is fast becoming the go-to destination for Makati’s community of joggers? As early as 5AM, the Globe Circuit Grounds are open and you can work those muscles while doing a couple of rounds in the area. Oh, did we mention? The riverside views are Instagram-ready! (Just follow the ground rules, folks. Don’t step on the grass.)

Where: Globe Circuit Events Grounds

Hours: 5AM to 10PM, Mondays to Sundays

Fees: Free

Weekday Zumba Sessions

If moving to a beat is more up your alley, then you’re in luck, because Zumba classes are in session at Circuit Makati.

It’s an informal and friendly set-up, folks! Just look for the Circuit Fitness Group. They’re the ones usually dressed in colorful shirts and leggings. The zumba sessions happen at Circuit Makati from Mondays to Fridays, 5PM to 6PM. Walk-ins are welcome. It’s just 30 pesos per session, which you hand to the instructor after the classes.

Where: Globe Circuit Events Grounds, by the riverside walk

Hours: 5PM to 6PM, Mondays to Friday

Fees: 30 pesos per session

Dog-Walking at Circuit Lane

Give your fur-babies the gift of fresh air and lots of green grassy spaces where they can frolic about! Yes, Circuit Makati is the biggest, most accomodating pet-friendly destination in the city. Time to work those calf muscles while giving your pets their much needed stroll. And if they’ve been good to you, you can even buy them treats or treat them to a grooming session at Circuit Lane’s Pooch Park. Just don’t forget to clean up their poop, folks.

Where: Circuit Lane

Hours: 11AM to 11PM (Pooch Park opens at 11AM also.)

Fees: Free

Biking Around The Area


đź“·: @becca.beckxz

Think of Circuit Makati as Makati’s very own version of BGC. Yes, there are paved roads (such as Symphony Drive behind Gatorade Blue Pitch) within the area where you can bike in the mornings or the afternoons. There are even bike parking slots in the Globe Circuit Events Grounds. Just be a good patron and follow the ground rules, okay?

Where: Symphony Drive, Circuit Makati

Hours: 5AM to 10PM

Fees: Free

A Game Of Football At Gatorade Blue Pitch

The Gatorade Blue Pitch is a world-class 10,00-square-meter football field in the heart of the Makati CBD. Did you know? It’s the first FIFA-sized blue football field in the Philippines, measuring 64.5 x 105 meters. Designed with international standards, Gatorade Blue Pitch has an eye-catching detail you can’t miss: the blue artificial grass!

Football clinics, inter-school tournaments and free-play sessions happen almost everyday.

Where: Gatorade Blue Pitch

Hours: 5AM to 11PM

Fees: P 3,700 + Lights (500-1,500 pesos/hour)

Skateboarding At Mountain Dew Skate Park

If doing tricks on a skateboard is your idea of burning calories, then make a beeline towards the Mountain Dew Skate Park and enjoy an afternoon with the gang in its many inclines and slopes. The park boasts an approximate 1,000-sqm skate area strewn with concrete skateboard ramps in the signature Mountain Dew color. The concrete skate park is perfect for skateboarding activities and competitions.

Where: Mountain Dew Skate Park

Hours: 10:00AM to 6:00PM, Mondays to Friday


10:00 AM to 3:00 PM: P50.00/3 hours

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM: P100.00/ 3 hours

An Obstacle Course Run At Circuit Lane’s Upper Ground Level

If you go up the escalators of Circuit Lane and look down on the floor, you’d be surprised to see a built-in obstacle course painted on. Yes, just follow the instructions as you go round the entire floor and back again, whether by running, skipping, or doing push-ups. Yes, folks, it’s been a favourite amongst Circuit Makati habituĂ©s, especially in the after-office hours.

Where: Upper Ground Floor, Circuit Makati

Hours: 5AM to 11PM

Fees: Free

A Workout At Gold’s Gym


Work those biceps, triceps, and every muscle group you can think with the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment and the best trainers. Gold’s Gym is located on the Upper Ground Level, just above Macao Imperial Tea. If you’re really serious, get a membership card now! The card entitles you to free parking in Circuit–just simply show your Gold’s Gym Card to our parking attendants.

Where: Upper Ground Floor, beside Agave

Hours: 8:00AM to 9:00PM

Fees: Packages and promos available on their website

Shop For Fitness Goods

But wait, there’s more! If you need to gear up for your favorite sport, you’ve come to the right place. Circuit Lane has so many stores if you’re looking for basketball and running shoes, jerseys, shorts, sports equipment, and not to mention, swimming gear. Look for shops such as Nike and Speedo on the Ground Floor, and Vans and Titan 22 on the Upper Ground Floor, folks.



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