Pedestrian Lane Art

If you walk around Circuit Makati, you’re bound to see amazing pedestrian lane art.  There’s a piano and a 3-D floating lane across Riverfront Drive, and one that has a giant-size Pac-Man in West Gala. And yes, they’ve been making the rounds on social media and the news.


“The pedestrian lane art is more common abroad, and based on our assessment, it is very effective not just in highlighting the safety features of a project but also in adding character to a particular estate.” says Sherwin Saavedera, Estate Manager of Circuit Makati.

This street art initiative was started after Saavedra noticed that despite efforts to install typical pedestrian lanes, patrons were still not using them and opted to cross anywhere along the streets of Circuit Makati. In effect, designing these creative works of street art grabbed people’s attention and furthered the ideas of pedestrian safety.

In designing the floating pedestrian lane, Saavedra says “Initially, it was a challenge, since we are the first estate to implement this kind of project. We also needed to ensure that we will be getting the 3D effect after we have completed the project.  After several mock-ups and some adjustments on the measurement, we were able to finish the project the way we wanted it.”

And the efforts seem to have led to noticeable changes. More and more Circuit Makati patrons are now using the pedestrian lanes when they cross the street.

And so far, these pedestrian lane artworks in Circuit have been getting attention from the media. “TV networks featured our 3-D floating pedestrian lane and highlighted its safety feature.  People are also taking more photos of our pedestrian lanes,” says Saavedra.

Indeed, there’s always something amazing to be seen at Circuit, even artworks that remind patrons of the importance of road safety.

All images courtesy of Wincy Ong.


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